Kim Liland, Board Secretary and Vice President

Kim is an English Language Learner (ELL) Social Studies Teacher at East High School. She loves that she gets to work with students from so many parts of the world who enrich her teaching and learning. She is an amazing mom, teacher, and mentor to her own children and her students. Kim was five years old when her mom took her to her home country, the Philippines, where she stayed for the next 13 years and completed high school. She is completely bilingual in English and Tagalog, and is thankful and proud to be so. She has volunteered and collaborated with See Stories for three years, and the experiences, learning and interactions she has been able to be a part of have been so wonderful for her, and for her students. Through See Stories programs, Kim's students have been able to learn skills and have a friendly, loving platform to showcase their personal stories. She wants to see See Stories grow and further its ability to provide meaningful programs for our youth and community.

Joan Pellosis, Board Treasurer

 Joan serves as Branch Manager for KeyBank in Kodiak, and is proud to help people reach their financial goals. She grew up in the Philippines and moved to Guam at twelve years old to live with her father, which was her first time away from her Mom. Her first job was as cashier at Wendy’s, when minimum wage was $5.15. When she was eighteen Joan moved to Kodiak, Alaska in search of a better life, and then was given opportunities to grow, first as a Safeway courtesy clerk, then as a pharmacy technician. After that she became a Loan Assistant at the First National Bank Alaska, then a Personal Banker at Wells Fargo, and currently works as Branch Manager at KeyBank. Joan has received many opportunities for professional and personal growth in Alaska, and would like to give back to the State through serving on the See Stories board and bringing her financial acumen to this service opportunity as Board Treasurer. She is proud of giving birth to her daughter and watching her grow into an amazing young person.

Synclaire Butler, Community Advisor

Synclaire is a Black Feminist Artivist who was born in raised in Anchorage, and who attended East High School where many See Stories programs are currently held. She graduated with honors in 2017 from Spelman College, the number one HBCU (Historically Black College/University), with a BA in Comparative Women's Studies. She is passionate about being a community advisor for See Stories so that she can support the interconnectedness of this planet, and all of its inhabitants’ liberation and sustainability. Synclaire believe that the work being done now with See Stories is like seeds being planted within Alaska that have the opportunity to pave the way for long lasting and sustainable change. She is also a proud beekeeper, and award-winning body builder. While Synclaire has a variety of experiences as an artist and activist, she recently participated in a Decolonial Black Feminist workshop in Brazil, which furthered her passion to create a new, healing narrative for our world.

Marie Acemah, Board President

Marie's passion in life is to support people to share transformative personal and community stories through film, and to use these films as a platform for community conversation and celebration. She has led film workshops in places ranging from her grandparents hometown in rural Nebraska to Northern Uganda, and from her home-town of Anchorage to the northernmost community in Alaska, Kaktovik. She has a B.A. in Liberal Arts from St. John's College in Santa Fe, and an M.A. in International Educational Development from Columbia University, Teachers College. She has two sons who travel with her when she teaches, who are her greatest teachers.

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